ic_logo_miniis future-focused, inquisitive, and mindful of organizational history and culture; the firm practices the development of strategic actioning as the next generation [3.0] of strategic planning.

Sam founded the consultancy April 1, 2007, and innovatively facilitates strategic dialogue and perspective, supplemented by research and data gathering, systems analysis, benchmarking best practices, pioneering methodologies to establish priorities, and inventive service model development. The result is simple articulation and clarity in specific goals, which drive decision-making on a daily basis, allowing the organization to achieve its vision.

The success of your effort is dependent upon the quality of your process.
The firm’s unique core competency and value is in process design and facilitation, which applies to every project undertaken. Community, stakeholder, and staff outreach and engagement is vital to successful public and not for profit projects, and must be comprehensively planned and actively facilitated throughout to ensure success. In a society where every new product released must have an ‘i‘ in its name, i•c’s work is focused in the ‘we’. Very little of great value is actually accomplished alone in this world, and groups and whole communities that develop a shared vision and work toward it together is powerful, if not game-changing.

Reaching out and establishing a forum for dialogue and problem solving is critical to every phase of a project, from its strategic planning through its tactical execution. Maintaining the conversation with your community beyond initial input and throughout the implementation of any project or idea will guarantee that emerging issues are addressed readily and do not negatively impact the process. Active listening and being responsive creates trust and advocacy within the community with you and for your project.

The firm’s additional expertise is in working with organizations to move from ‘doing more with less resources’ to ‘doing more with more partners, perspective, and purpose in the community’, as well as the impact of current and emerging technologies on needs, services and facilities. Sam is constantly seeking future foresight and emergent thought in various professions, industries, and institutions for opportunities for cross-pollination and fertilization of models and solutions that can be evolved to your specific issues. Sam applies strategic perspective and principles to problem seeking, research and analysis, and opportunity-driven solutions.